How a Pool Noodle Can Improve Your Golf Swing

How a Pool Noodle Can Improve Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is the crux of the game, requiring a delicate balance of power and precision that can take years to master. But what if the secret to improving your swing was lying in your garage or by the poolside?

The pool noodle is more than just a water accessory—these flexible foam cylinders can repel water and offer resistance. When applied to golf training, they can assist in maintaining the correct swing plane, balance, and tempo. A noodle’s flexibility means you can bend and shape it into various positions, introducing a tactile element to your practice sessions that the usual golf training aids often lack. Let’s explore how a pool noodle can improve your golf swing.


Lay the noodle flat on the ground to act as a physical guide. This will help you to better visualize the path of your swing and ensure proper alignment with your target. Step over the noodle, aligning it with your feet. Practicing this regularly can significantly enhance your stance, leading to more consistent swings and improved accuracy.

Swing Plane

To enhance your swing plane, secure the noodle vertically on a wall so that it’s parallel to your target line. Swing your club to ensure it follows the noodle without veering off course. The pool noodle can aid in preventing the infamous over-the-top swing. By creating this visual barrier, it encourages a smooth, inside swing path for more precise strikes.

Distance Control

Place two noodles parallel to each other, wide enough to fit your golf ball through. This creates a gate that challenges you to strike the ball with your desired force and precision. Implementing this gate in chipping practice can help golfers improve their touch around the green, as it emphasizes a controlled rather than forceful swing.


Attach a pool noodle to a standard golf club, creating a longer and more flexible device. Use this to practice your swing with a focus on rhythm and timing. Swinging the noodle-extended club can help instill a steady tempo, similar to a metronome, into your swing, which is essential for consistent and powerful strikes. It also discourages overextension and promotes power generation from your core.

Proper Pool Noodle Use

Now that you know how a pool noodle can improve your golf swing, it’s important to keep in mind some basic safety considerations. Before use, ensure the noodle is clean and free of any rough edges or debris that could affect your swing. Additionally, always start with slower swings and build up speed once you’re comfortable with the exercise to avoid any risk of negatively impacting your swing. Remember that pool noodle exercises are meant to supplement your regular golf practice, not replace it entirely.

The pool noodle may seem like an odd companion for the golf course, but its versatile nature makes it a perfect tool for refining various aspects of your game. By adopting these innovative methods, you can witness tangible improvements in your swing, stance, and overall golf performance. Ready to give it a try? At Honor Trading Company, we sell jumbo pool noodles in bulk so you can be prepared for every practice session. Browse our selection to find the ideal option and watch your golf game soar to new heights.

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