How Pool Noodles Can Help Your Kids Learn Pool Safety

How Pool Noodles Can Help Your Kids Learn Pool Safety

If your child is learning how to swim or isn’t fully comfortable in the water, pool noodles are great tools. Since foam noodles can help your little one float in both a vertical and horizontal position, they can securely explore their surroundings. Continue reading to learn how pool noodles can help your kids learn pool safety.


One of the most important aspects of swimming is learning how to float. Once you’re confident floating in the water, you can work on other fundamental skills. As mentioned above, pool noodles are excellent flotation devices, so your child can easily use one to bob around the pool.

To help them float, simply place the pool noodle under both of your child’s armpits and let their arms hang over the top of the noodle. While your child is exploring the water, you can teach them the importance of keeping their body above water to avoid sinking. Since pool noodles can help a person float vertically and horizontally, your child should be comfortable in both positions.

Treading Water

Another way pool noodles can help your kids learn pool safety is by aiding them as they learning how to tread water. Like floating, the ability to tread water is essential to prevent drowning. To practice treading water, your child should use the pool noodle to assume a vertical position. Once upright, they can kick their legs to ensure their head stays above water.

This sequence will prepare your little one to start treading water without the noodle. Once they feel confident, you can take away the foam noodle and have them tread water with their arms as well. If your child is proficient in treading water, you’ll have much more peace of mind in terms of overall safety.


Kicking is an incredibly important element of pool safety because your child won’t be able to glide through the water without moving their legs. Once again, a pool noodle can provide some much-needed support.

With the noodle under your child’s armpits, they should practice floating their body in a horizontal position. While floating on their stomach, they can use a flutter kick technique to move their legs and feet. Once they’re ready to let go of the noodle, they’ll understand the basic leg movements for a freestyle stroke.

Additionally, your little one can do a back float by placing the noodle under their neck for support. While floating, your child should kick their legs to mimic the movements needed for a backstroke.

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