How Pool Noodles Can Prevent Your Pipes From Clanking

How Pool Noodles Can Prevent Your Pipes From Clanking

How Pool Noodles Can Prevent Your Pipes From Clanking

No one wants to hear loud, banging noises inside their home. Pipe issues can generate unpleasant sounds that affect your space, but pool noodles can prevent your pipes from clanking. Learn how to use them today!

Why Are Some Pipes Loud?

Does it sound like someone’s knocking on your door, but no one’s there? Do you hear loud banging noises near your water supply? If so, your pipes are the culprits of unpleasant sounds.

High water pressure is one reason why some pipes are loud. When water pressure exceeds the system’s capacity, it can generate a loud, vibrating noise. Hydraulic shock, also known as water hammering, can also affect pipes. This occurs when fluid in motion suddenly stops because the valve shuts off. The momentum of the water stopping creates a pressure wave that travels through the pipe system. This generates a loud banging noise.

Other culprits of pipe sounds are loose fasteners, clogs, leaks, and worn-out nuts and bolts. Plumbers can mitigate issues, but you probably want an immediate remedy for the loud noise. Fortunately, pool noodles can do the trick!

How Pool Noodles Can Help

You can minimize sound by covering the pipes. Pool noodles can prevent your pipes from clanking by absorbing excess noise. Cut a long slit in pool noodles, wrap them around your pipes, and use duct tape to secure the foam. This reduces noise and adds insulation to the piping system. The noodles also act as a barrier for piping; if they bump together, the impact won’t generate noise. Instead, the foam noodles absorb the impact.

Other Ways Pool Noodles Improve Pipes

As mentioned, pool noodles can insulate pipes. This is ideal during cold weather because you can prevent pipes from freezing. It also reduces heat loss and helps you maintain a warmer home throughout the winter.

The pipes in your home might hang from the ceiling. Use colorful pool noodles to mark low-hanging pipes and avoid banging your head on them. If you do bump into the pipes, the soft foam prevents injuries.

From covering loud noises to insulating systems, pool noodles are handy tools for pipes. The best part is they’re inexpensive! Purchase cheap pool noodles from Honor Trading Company today.

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