How To Create a Comfortable Home Office With Pool Noodles

How To Create a Comfortable Home Office With Pool Noodles

How To Create a Comfortable Home Office With Pool Noodles

More people than ever before are making the switch to working from home. One of the most appealing aspects of working remotely is creating a comfortable environment you enjoy spending time in. Cultivating a relaxing workplace has the added benefit of helping you stay happy and productive as you complete your tasks.

You can transform foam noodles in many ways to design the ideal work-at-home experience. Doing so allows you to create the perfect remote setup and helps alleviate any potential problems you have with organization or sitting for too long. Continue reading to learn how to create a comfortable home office with pool noodles.

Phone Holder

Do you have to make many calls throughout an average workday? The last thing you want is to accidentally misplace your phone and scramble to find it before an important meeting with someone. With a pool noodle phone holder, you’ll have your device conveniently sitting at your desk and always within reach.

What You Need

The materials and tools you need for this handy mobile device holder are simple. Just choose your favorite-colored pool noodle and a hobby knife that can make precision cuts. Of course, the more accurate your cuts can be, the better the final result will look.

Creating the Dock

First, you should line up your phone next to the pool noodle. Next, you’ll want to cut off a piece of foam around the same length as your mobile device. Next, place that segment upright and cut a small part off one side so that the foam piece has a flat bottom to sit on.

After that, you’ll need to decide on an angle for your phone and cut a small chunk off the top once you’ve made up your mind. Don’t cut past the other side of the center hole. When you finish, you should have a dock that allows you to see your phone’s entire screen from the front while the back rests securely on foam.

Armrests for Your Chair

When you sit on your office chair for prolonged periods, you may begin to feel restless. Allowing your arms to rest comfortably can relieve some of that stress in your body. Attach foam noodles to the sides to help you feel better while also obscuring any unpleasant materials in the armrests.

What You Need

This is another effortless project to make that you can do in as little as 10 minutes. You need a pool noodle, tape measure, and precision knife. You can also make your job even more effortless by investing in a clamp noodle that you can quickly cut to size and wrap over your armrests.

Making the Armrest

Take your tape measure and mark the length of your armrests, then cut two pool noodle pieces that are approximately an inch shorter. Next, cut a slot on the bottom of each piece all the way down the middle without cutting through to the other side. After that, you should be able to wrap each foam piece over an armrest, making it considerably more comfortable to rest your elbows and forearms on.

Effective Wrist Support

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a severe problem for anyone who spends a lot of time typing on a keyboard. Your wrists can become strained if you sit at your desk for lengthy periods working on assignments. Using foam to support your wrists will alleviate some of the pressure and is a simple but effective solution.

What You Need

Sticking to the theme so far of projects you can do on your lunch break, this is another very straightforward task. All you need is a pool noodle in your ideal color and a precision knife, although any kind of kitchen knife could also work.

Instructions for Wrist Prop Up

First, take your pool noodle and cut it in half. Next, grab one of the halves and line it up next to your keyboard. Once that’s done, you will take a marker and note where you need to cut so the wrist support lines up evenly.

Now you’ll take the foam noodle to a cutting board and slice off the extra amount. Then, finally, you’ll take your knife and cut that piece in half. Bring the half-cut segment over to your keyboard, and you can now rest your wrists comfortably while you work.

Ditch the Conventional Chair With an Exercise Ball

Ordinary office chairs are infamous for undermining your posture, especially if you sit in them incorrectly. Hunching in your chair can result in a loss of core strength and a variety of other health issues. That’s why many people decide to use exercise balls as their chairs while they’re at their desks.

Using an exercise ball pushes you to activate your trunk muscles more, increasing core strength, improving posture, and reducing pain. However, the balls tend to wobble and fly around the room, which can be very distracting. You can use this pool noodle stability ring to hold your ball in place while you’re working.

Here’s What You Need

Unlike the previous projects, this one will require a bit more effort. You’ll want to visit your local craft or retail store to grab hot glue and duct tape to go along with your pool noodle. You may also want to work on this project outside just in case any of the hot glue leaks off the noodle.

Add Stability With This Ring

Start by hot gluing the pool noodle ends together to form a ring. You don’t even have to worry about cutting the pool noodle. Even if the ring it creates is a bit too big, it will keep the ball from sliding all over your home office.

Before continuing, make sure the ends are completely dry. Once you’re sure the glue has dried, wrap duct tape around the ring to make it sturdier. When you finish, place the ring underneath your ball, and you’ll be able to enjoy increased stability.

Your home office should be a space that inspires you to work at your best while enjoying the familiarity and peacefulness of being in your own area. Knowing how to create a comfortable home office with pool noodles can go a long way toward helping you design a fully accessible dedicated workspace in your residence. In addition, because you’ll be spending a lot of time in that workplace, ergonomically designed accessories are critical for your health and overall well-being.

Honor Trading Company is proud to offer black foam noodles that blend effortlessly with any home office style. We also offer a comprehensive selection of other foam products that are perfect for the pool or DIY projects. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

How To Create a Comfortable Home Office With Pool Noodles
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