How To Decorate for the Ultimate Minecraft Party

How To Decorate for the Ultimate Minecraft Party

How To Decorate for the Ultimate Minecraft Party

Minecraft has been an incredibly popular and addictive game for kids to play ever since its release. The sky is the limit with this game, as you can build worlds, travel them, and battle mobs. With how much fun Minecraft provides, it makes complete sense that your kids are adamant about having a Minecraft-themed party. The best part is that there is so much you can do to decorate your home for the ultimate Minecraft party.

Minecraft Colors

If you are totally unfamiliar with the world of Minecraft, there is no need to worry, as this guide will help you with your decorations. When you go to your party supply store, try to stick with certain colors that the kids can associate with the game. A color theme also provides a consistent look to your party. One color combination you might want to go with that is quintessential of the game is green and black.

Green and black are the colors of hostile mobs that explode in the game, called creepers. As such, you might consider purchasing plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths in black and green colors. Moreover, don’t forget about balloons, streamers, and banners when purchasing color-themed décor. Doing this is a simple and efficient way to decorate the party with a Minecraft theme.

Nether Portal

The Nether Portal is a constructed entrance that serves as a pathway for players to pass through the Overworld and Nether dimensions. A Nether Portal is a creative way to decorate for the ultimate Minecraft party. What’s more, creating your own Nether Portal is the perfect way to introduce guests to the party area and excite them for all the fun to come.

You can place your portal on your front door so guests can spot the party house. Moreover, if the party takes place in a certain area, you can also decorate the entryway with your portal.

How To

To make your portal, you will want to gather black and purple supplies like tablecloths and streamers. You can then decorate your door or entryway with purple and black tablecloths, using tape and scissors to create a better fit. Then, you can use the streamers as a fun interactive way for the kids to pass through the portal and onto the fun.


We briefly introduced you to creepers as a color theme for your party, but you can also bring these hostile mobs to life with pool noodles. To create your creepers, you will need green noodles, which is where we can help. At Honor Trading Company, we have green pool noodles for cheap, so you can make as many Creepers as you need. These explosives make great decorations, party favors, and a fun game we’ll show you a little bit later.

How To

Thankfully, you will find it quite easy to create your creepers. All you need is your foam noodle, knife, and a jumbo permanent marker. Cut your foam noodle into four pieces, or about seven inches long. Then, use your permanent marker to create the Creeper pixelated face. It helps to create an outline with a pen while referring to a photo before filling in the face with a marker.

Ring Toss

There is so much you can do with your foam noodle Creepers, as they also make for a great party game: ring toss. Use your creepers as the poles that the kids will try to throw their rings around. You can use a wooden stake at the bottom end of your pool noodle to make them stick in the ground. For the rings, you can grab an extra pool noodle and fasten it at either end with duct tape.


Pool noodles are the decorative gift that keeps on giving as you can also use them to make TNT, a block of explosives. Here is what you will need to create your TNT bombs:

  • Red foam noodles
  • Black duct tape
  • Printer paper and a printer
  • Serrated knife

Cut your red foam pool noodle into four to five pieces, or about eight inches long. Then, gather your foam noodles in threes and ensure they are all the same length. You may need to cut a bit more off to get them even. Once you have the cut pool noodles gathered in threes, use black duct tape to fasten them together at the top and bottom. For the TNT sign, you can find free labels online that are printable you tape on.

Make Them Explode

If you want to add a little bit of explosive excitement to the party, all under parental supervision, consider bringing your TNTs to life. When you visit your party store to find supplies, purchase some party poppers. As you create your foam noodle TNT explosives, print extra labels to glue to your party poppers. Now you have a super fun and interactive way to bring this online game into the real world. Plus, the kids will absolutely love these real-life TNTs.

Minecraft Steve

Even if you don’t play Minecraft, you will recognize Steve, as he is the most recognizable character within the game. Allow the kids to be him in real life by making a Minecraft Steve head they can wear. It is quite simple to make this craft, and here’s what you will need:

  • Cardboard box (fits spaciously on your head)
  • Printer and printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The biggest component of this craft is finding a printable Minecraft Steve head, which will be quite easy, as many others do this craft for Halloween. Once you have printed your head, cut it out and carefully glue it onto your cardboard box. You can make a couple for the kids to wear out, or just make one you can use to play a fun game, like pin the tail on the pig.

Pin the Tail on the Pig

When you make your Minecraft Steve head, refrain from cutting out eyes if you plan to use it to pin the tail on the pig. You can find a printable version of a Minecraft pig online you can use for this game—just make sure to cut the tail off separately so the kids can use that to pin it. You might also consider laminating the pig to make sure it does not rip while the kids play the game.

How To Decorate for the Ultimate Minecraft Party
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