How To Repurpose Old Pool Noodles

How To Repurpose Old Pool Noodles

How To Repurpose Old Pool Noodles

Foam pool noodles are the perfect toy for playing in the water with friends and family. Once they've seen a lot of playtimes and you think it's time to toss them, you can transform them into many different practical and fun designs even after prolonged use. Read on to learn how to repurpose old pool noodles.

Backyard Sprinkler

You can have fun in the water in an entirely unique way with just a couple of simple tweaks. All you need is some scissors or another safe cutting tool, durable and robust tape, and a garden hose. In just a couple of steps, you'll have a sprinkler younger kids will love.

Cut off about an inch on each side of the noodle, then cut those 1-inch sides into several chunks. Stuff one side of the noodle with the pieces to close off as best as possible, then completely cover it with tape. After that, you will insert the garden hose into the other side, pad the sides with the other chunks so that it is also closed off around the hose, then tape up the hole and the garden hose together so it creates a firm seal. Poke a few holes along with the noodle, turn the hose on, and you've got a brand-new water toy for the backyard that's safe to play around with.

Trampoline Safety

Having a trampoline in the backyard can be a great deal of fun and promote physical exercise for both kids and adults. Still, after a while, the worn-down safety pads covering springs can be a safety concern if you happen to fall on them. With some old pool noodles, you can make a fast and effective replacement cover that will help prevent serious accidents and add some bright colors to the mix.

Remove each pad slowly and carefully, then replace it with a noodle segment. Cut one side of each noodle portion along the center lengthwise so it can cling to the spring. You're finished after you've covered every spring! You'll need to count and measure your springs to determine how many pieces you'll need and how long each part should be.

Craft a Lightsaber

You can work on a lot of different entertaining art projects with old pool noodles. Older kids can have a blast using their imaginations to craft all sorts of other things, while younger kids may need some supervision and guidance. One entertaining craft idea, especially for Star Wars fans, is to craft a lightsaber that is safe enough to wield around the backyard.

You'll need to gather as many noodles as you want to make lightsabers, duct tape, black electrical tape, and a cutting tool like a serrated knife. Take your knife and cut the noodles to the length you want your sword to be. Then, you will apply the duct tape slowly on one end until you've got a decent size for your handle. Apply three black tape strips about an inch apart near the top of the handle, then attach two short pieces of electrical tape to the pool noodle's base. You’ll then have your very own light sword!

Floating Pool Ice Cooler

There's nothing quite like relaxing on the back of a floating pool lounge, sipping on a tasty ice-cold beverage. You can even bring the drinks right to you, so you never have to leave the pool with your floating cooler made from old noodles. All you need is a sizable plastic tub, a couple of noodles, a cutting tool, and some rope or twine.

Measure each side of your tub, then cut your pool noodle to the proper lengths for each side. Cut your pool noodle to the suitable lengths for each side of the tub, then pass the rope through the noodle's various sections and fasten with a knot. Re-tuck the rope's ends into the noodles, and you're ready to fill the tub with ice and drinks to satisfy your thirst on a sweltering summer day.

Stop Your Door

When you've got a problem with people slamming doors in your house, you can help prevent it from happening with a pool noodle door stopper. Kids don't know their own strength sometimes and will pull doors hard behind them, so this little trick can help save you the headache of hearing the loud slams behind them. You will need a craft knife with a sharp edge, noodles, and, optionally, some sandpaper.

Cut off a long piece of noodle between 10-12 inches and cut one side of it lengthwise to the center. You'll then want to carve a little triangle into each end of the section you cut to help it hug onto the door better. If you have some sandpaper available, you can also smooth the edges of each side of the noodle once you've made your cuts. Finally, push the cut end onto the side of the door; you no longer have to worry about people pushing the door in too hard.

Rest Your Wrists

Typing all day on your computer can make your wrists tired and sore. When you've got pool noodles lying around, you can create practical and fun wrist supports for your hands while you're working. This project is effortless to do and requires extraordinarily little in the way of preparation if you have a pair of scissors or another cutting tool handy.

Take any noodle and cut off a segment that’s at least as long as your keyboard. Cut that segment in half or a little less than half, depending on your preference. Place the halved piece of pool noodle facing down on your desk, and now you can rest your wrists on top of it.

Hopefully, these different project ideas have helped you figure out how to repurpose old pool noodles and inspire you to start thinking about how you can transform these toys into valuable items around the house.

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How To Repurpose Old Pool Noodles
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