How You Can Turn a Pool Noodle Into a Sprinkler

How You Can Turn a Pool Noodle Into a Sprinkler

How You Can Turn a Pool Noodle Into a Sprinkler

Entertain your kids, pets, or friends with an inexpensive outdoor toy. Turn your yard into a splash zone with a DIY sprinkler! Follow this simple guide to turn a pool noodle into a sprinkler in a few easy steps.


DIY sprinklers are simple to make and require few supplies. The first and most obvious is a pool noodle. A large pool noodle is best because you can poke more holes through the surface. You also need a screwdriver, ballpoint pen, duct tape, and garden hose.


Follow these steps to create a pool noodle sprinkler:

  1. Poke holes into one side of the pool noodle with your screwdriver. If you poke holes all the way through the material, water will flow to the ground instead of creating a “sprinkler” effect. If needed, you can widen the holes with a ballpoint pen.
  2. Next, determine which pool noodle end you will cap off and which end you will attach to the garden hose. Grab the duct tape, and cover one end of the pool noodle. You can tape over the hole three to four times to prevent water from leaking through.
  3. Now, stick your garden hose through the open end of the pool noodle. Make sure that the metal end of the hose is secure inside the noodle.
  4. Attach the hose to an outdoor spout, and turn on the water! Place the sprinkler flat on the ground, prop it up between two chairs, or let your children pick it up. The choice is up to you!

What To Do With Leftover Sprinklers

Turning a pool noodle into a sprinkler is fairly simple and requires few tools. What happens when sprinkler time is over? You can turn your DIY sprinkler into a multipurpose gardening tool! Place the sprinkler in the garden beds to water your plants. You can also cut the foam into sections and wrap them around plant stems for support. Ultimately, you can get the most out of foam noodles in many unique ways!

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