Indoor Games To Create for Your Kids With Pool Noodles
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Indoor Games To Create for Your Kids With Pool Noodles

Indoor Games To Create for Your Kids With Pool Noodles

Are you and your kids stuck inside and looking for a fun home learning activity to do together? Indoor games with pool noodles can help you beat cabin fever and have lots of fun while at home. From playing noodle limbo to creating a pool noodle race track, many ways to use foam noodles outside of the pool exist. Look below to explore different indoor games to create for your kids with pool noodles.

Noodle Limbo

Pool noodle limbo is a good outlet for people of all ages. You'll need pool noodles and some music with a steady beat to play. Cut a noodle in half and hang it from a sturdy object, like a doorframe or fixture. Play some music and have your kids try to limbo beneath the noodle. The lower they can go, the better.

Noodle Bowling

Pool noodle bowling is another engaging activity for kids and adults alike. To play, you'll need a solid core pool noodle and several plastic balls (or any other object that will fit in the opening of the noodle). Make a three-sided enclosure with pool noodles and place short pool noodle segments at the end as pins. Let your children bowl a ball down the lane. The person who knocks down the most “pins” at the end of the game wins!

Noodle Soccer

You’ll need two teams of at least three players each to play pool noodle soccer. Split the noodles into thirds and distribute one to each player. One group should form a line at one end of the playing field, while the other team should start a line at the other end. When the game begins, players must use their noodles to score points by passing the ball through the other team’s goal made of noodles. The squad that scores five goals first wins.

Noodle Races

You'll need two or more people and several solid core pool noodles to play. The participants should stand at one end of the playing area, holding a noodle upright and a frisbee balanced at the top. On the word “go,” players must sprint to the other end of the playing field while keeping the frisbees on their noodles. If a racer drops their frisbee, they must pick it up from that spot before continuing to run. The player who crosses the finish line first wins.

These are just a few of the fun indoor games to create for your kids with pool noodles. You can also create an indoor playground! Honor Trading Company offers all kinds of foam noodles. So you can find the perfect material to create a seemingly endless number of fun activities for you and your children. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products. To learn more fun facts about pool noodles, browse our blogs. You can find other clever ways to use them.