Is Your Pool Ready for Summer? A Countdown Checklist

Is Your Pool Ready for Summer? A Countdown Checklist

Is Your Pool Ready for Summer? A Countdown Checklist

You know that summer is just around the corner. Before you know it, the sweltering heat will have you running to your pool to cool off. However, you likely haven't paid attention to your pool since last summer, and if so, it definitely needs some tender loving care. Of course, you want to get to swimming as soon as possible. But before you do, is your pool ready for summer? Here’s a countdown checklist.

Tidying Up

Before proceeding further, you’re going to want to clean away any leaves that have gathered in your pool. Also, make sure to sweep away debris that has accumulated in the areas surrounding your pool. You might consider taking a wet rag and lightly wiping down the surfaces of outdoor tables, seats, and lawn chairs.

Clear Water

The most crucial thing to consider when asking yourself, "Is your pool ready for summer?" on your countdown checklist is whether your water is chemically clean. Make sure your filtration system is all set and good to go. Clean off baskets and remove the plugs. If your water is looking a little murky, you’ll likely need to do a daily cleansing of your filter until the water is clear. This shouldn’t take you longer than a week.

Fun Supplies

With your pool safe to enjoy, you can now move on to making your swimming pool the place to be. The most exciting aspect for kids and adults alike when in the pool is playing with all the different toys and devices. Gather your favorite swimming supplies, including goggles, water guns, and floating rafts.

A common staple in the pool is the classic foam noodle; everyone loves these little guys. If you need more, has red swimming pool noodles and oodles more! Once you have crossed everything off your countdown checklist, you can say for certain that your pool is ready for the warm weather. All you have to do now is enjoy it and have fun.

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