Keep Your Backyard Safe With Pool Noodles

Keep Your Backyard Safe With Pool Noodles

Keep Your Backyard Safe With Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are beloved toys for millions of people worldwide. Did you know that you can repurpose these fun objects to improve the safety outside your home? Continue reading to discover how to keep your backyard safe with pool noodles.

Making a Safety Swim Rope

Keeping everyone safe while swimming outside in your pool is incredibly important. When your pool has a deep end and a shallow end, it can be dangerous for smaller children who can disappear from your line of sight for just a fraction of a second. You can make it easier to guide what they do in the pool with a swim rope made of pool noodles.

All you need is a handful of pool noodles, some rope that can float, and two three-inch spring links. Measure how wide your pool is and run the cord through as many pool noodles as you need to line it up on one side. Tie a knot at each end and fasten the spring link on each side when you finish. Then, you can line the rope right before the deep end as a deterrent for little ones.

Covering Springs on Trampolines

The metal springs on the sides of trampolines can cause severe injuries if people fall forcefully on them. You can use pool noodle slipcovers to help reduce the impact. Simply measure the length of the springs and cut enough pool noodle sections to cover each one. After that, make slits lengthwise and slip the noodle pieces over the springs.

Protecting Patio Furniture

Little ones have a habit of walking or crawling into every nook and cranny they can find. They can sometimes even stroll right into tables and chairs if you have a lovely deck with furnishings in your backyard. Fortunately, you can protect them from scratches and bruises by placing pool noodles over sharp edges.

On hot days, you can place entire segments of pool noodles over armrests to shield your arms. Cut a long enough piece for each armrest and then slice one half lengthwise to cover them. You can also use clamp noodles that already have this slot precut.

Now you know some incredibly creative ways to keep your backyard safe with pool noodles. Honor Trading Company offers clamp noodles that can grab right onto hard edges of furniture. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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