Make a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

Make a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

Make a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

The days are growing warmer and getting longer—summer is finally upon us. While undoubtedly exciting, it also means your children will be with you much more often. You might begin to fret thinking about how you could possibly keep them entertained, but there are many games available for your children to play all season. For instance, here is how to make a pool noodle obstacle course in your backyard.


An obstacle course is always a great activity, especially if your kids have a playdate coming up. They will love running through the course as fast as they can! Since foam noodles are malleable, they ensure the safety of everyone and can be constructed to provide a variety of stations throughout the course. To make a pool noodle obstacle course in your backyard, you will need 10–20 pool noodles, duct tape, and yard stakes.

Ring Toss

To make your ring toss, put a yard stake into the ground and place a straight pool noodle on top of it—this is what the kids will try to toss the rings onto. Take another pool noodle, bring the ends together to create a ring, and fasten it with your duct tape. You now have a ring toss! It is up to your discretion how many rings and poles you wish to make, but two of each should do nicely.

Balance Bar

Kids love any challenge that requires pretending the floor is lava, which is why they will absolutely love a balance beam challenge. To create this, take your yard stake and puncture a hole in each end, then secure it to the ground. Protect your kids’ little toes by wrapping the yard stake with a pool noodle.


To make an archway course, put a yard stake in the ground and place a foam noodle on top, just like making the pole for your ring toss. Then place another yard stake adjacent to the first and bend the noodle to slide the other side onto that stake. You can easily create as many archways as you like. The children will love getting low to the ground and crawling under these foam noodle archways, just like a real adventurer.

Are you wondering where you can find oodles of noodles to make this obstacle course? FoamNoodles has yellow pool noodles along with a variety of other colors for you to choose from to keep the kids busy all summer.

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