Make Floating Luminaries With Cut-Up Pool Noodles

Make Floating Luminaries With Cut-Up Pool Noodles

Make Floating Luminaries With Cut-Up Pool Noodles

We all live busy lives that can leave us strung out and needing a break. That is why every one of us deserves some “me-time” now and then. However, finding the time or money for a spa experience can be easier said than done. Does that mean you have to forgo a night of relaxation? Absolutely not! You can have a relaxing spa experience right in your bathtub, pool, or jacuzzi. Set the mood by making floating luminaries with cut-up pool noodles.

Supplies Needed

Here is what you will need to make these floating luminaries:

  • White Pool Noodles
  • Serrated Knife
  • Scissors
  • Tea Lights (you can also do battery operated)

If you are wondering where you can find white swimming pool noodles, then look no further than Honor Trading Company! We have oodles of noodles in a variety of colors for you to choose from, should you want different colors for your luminaries. Moreover, we sell in bulk in case you want to have a home spa day with friends.

How To Craft

You might assume the last thing you want to do is a craft to get into a relaxing mood, but making floating luminaries with cut-up pool noodles is easier than you think. Setting an ambiance is necessary when it comes to relaxing.

Start by cutting a pool noodle into four-inch pieces, which are just long enough for extra carving. You might be able to fit your candle comfortably in the hollow of the cut pool noodles. However, if you cannot fit the candle, you will need to carve out the hollow carefully to make more room. You may use scissors or a knife. As you carve, periodically check that the light fits snugly into the pool noodle—you don’t want to make it too large.

Light and Enjoy

That was easier and simpler than ever! Light your candles, and your luminaries are ready to glimmer and float on water! You will love the way those yellow hues reflect beautifully in the water. It’s impossible not to feel instantly calmer!

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