Make Your Own Floating Lounge Chair With Pool Noodles

Make Your Own Floating Lounge Chair With Pool Noodles

Make Your Own Floating Lounge Chair With Pool Noodles

Since the beginning of the year, you have likely been looking forward to resting and relaxing in the comfort of the pool. There is nothing better than floating in the feeling of everlasting bliss of chlorinated water. However, you might find yourself surprised to know that you can capitalize on that experience and make it even better. Here is one of our ideas: make a floating lounge chair out of pool noodles. Keep reading for more on this surprisingly easy craft.

Floating Materials

The best part about this craft is it’s incredibly easy to make and quite cost-effective. That means you can make enough for the whole family to enjoy! There are many ways to make a lounge chair, so to get your float on, you will need a couple of supplies. Here is what you will need:

  • Foam pool noodles
  • Zip ties
  • Mesh netting
  • X-Acto knife or scissors

Each chair requires two foam noodles, as it will add extra backing and support to help keep a curved shape. If you plan on making a couple of these comfy floaties, Honor Trading Company is here to supply you with heaps of noodles for whatever you need. We have red foam noodles that are radiant, cozy, and durable to last you all summer. We also have noodles in a variety of other colors, like yellow and green!

Creating Your Chair

Now, on to creating your chair. Take your pool noodle and wrap it around yourself just below your shoulder to ensure it is a comfortable fit—it should end just about where your hands are. However, if the noodle is too long, take your knife and cut it down a little. Then, take your second foam noodle, cut it in half, and use two zip ties to latch it onto the two ends of your first foam noodle. Your chair should look like a capital D.

Tip: You can use the other half of your second foam pool noodle to make more chairs.

Apply the Mesh

Finally, you are one step closer to relaxation, so grab your mesh netting, and let’s begin. To find your mesh netting, you can look in the laundry aisle of your local grocery store, as laundry bags are fantastic options. Go ahead and cut off the top and bottom of your bag and then cut it in half diagonally—that way, you can use it to make more chairs.

Take one half of the bag and wrap it around your chair. Use your zip ties to adhere it to the noodle by working the zip tie through the holes of the mesh. We recommend using about eight zip ties, as this ensures your mesh does not slip around while you are relaxing.

Congratulations! You have made your first lounge chair out of pool noodles, but hopefully, it’s not your last. Now you are ready to float on into the endless and relaxing hazy days of summer.

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