May the Force Be With You: Pool Noodle Lightsabers

May the Force Be With You: Pool Noodle Lightsabers

May the Force Be With You: Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Are your kids utterly obsessed with Star Wars and love to pretend they're characters from the movies? Stores commonly stock plastic lightsaber toys that look like they came right out of the film, but they can injure others or damage your property when they collide.

It can be a terrific option to have a safe toy for even the roughest play that is similar to the products you'd purchase in stores. So continue reading to discover how to make your own pool noodle lightsabers, and may the force be with you.

The Materials You Need

Gathering materials for this project is a breeze. One quick stop at your local craft shop will likely get you everything you need to make this toy for your little Jedis.

You need different colored pool noodles, scissors, a knife, silver duct tape, and black duct tape.

How to Build Them

First, you will cut your chosen colored pool noodle in half with your knife. Then, place one half aside while you're working on the other. Next, take the silver duct tape and start wrapping it around the bottom of the noodle, about six inches in length, to make your hilt or handle.

Continue to add embellishments to your hilt after finishing it with the black tape. You can either do it yourself or have your children join in with their design ideas. For example, wrap an inch of black tape over the top and bottom of the silver hilt section, then add buttons and other details as desired. Once you've finished, simply hand the lightsabers over to your rambunctious children and watch them reenact their favorite scenes.

Optional Step

Are you looking to take these lightsabers to the next level and make them light up? Purchase a pack of glow sticks and tape three together lengthwise. Put them inside the hole on top of the noodle.

Then, attach the glow stick ends to the top of the pool noodle and cover the top hole with transparent tape to prevent the glow sticks from falling out. Now you've got the ultimate Jedi weapon that can glow in the dark.

Your kids will love playing with their pool noodle lightsabers, and you'll have peace of mind that they can't hurt each other. You can buy green pool noodles in bulk to make all kinds of different lightsabers that are perfect for parties and gift baskets from Honor Trading Company. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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