Motivate Your Team With These Creative Team Building Ideas

Motivate Your Team With These Creative Team Building Ideas

Motivate Your Team With These Creative Team Building Ideas

Keeping your team engaged and motivated is one of the best ways to grow a business and keep employees happy. Using team-building exercises encourages collaboration and interpersonal bonding and can make people feel connected to their company and each other. Read on to learn how to motivate your team with these creative team-building ideas.

Tag Your Partner

Take your team and pair them up in groups of two. One person in the group will be IT and carry a pool noodle. The people who are IT will try to only tag their partner with the pool noodle and cannot tag anyone else. Everyone who is IT will move to the center of a play area while everyone else tries to avoid getting tagged by their partner. Once a player is tagged, the tagger will drop the noodle for their partner to pick up. The new tagger will count to three and then try to tag their partner back. The game can go on for just a few minutes and is great for getting your team active and working with employees they may not know very well.

Walk the Noodle

You can pair up team members in groups of two for this game as well. Mark one end of an area as the start and one place noodle across as the finish line. The pairs will try and keep their noodle from falling to the ground as they walk from one side to another. They will do so by having the noodle ends pressed between one person's back and one front. The pair will then walk in a single file while trying to have the noodle bend as little as possible. If the noodle drops, have them return to the start and try again. Once everyone gets the hang of it, you can continue to add people and chain noodles together, and eventually, you can try and get the whole team walking in a single-file line with pool noodles in between each person.

Get To Know Each Other

Take pool noodles, cut them up into pieces between one and two inches long, and throw them on the floor. Partner up your team into pairs. Each partner will take a cut-up noodle and place it into their dominant hand. Then, each person will press their piece into their partner’s, forming a sandwich. The partners will then take a turn, adding one piece from the pile to the sandwich while keeping it from falling. They will slip the new piece between their hand and the noodle they already have in their hand. Every time they add a fresh piece, they should share something about themselves with their partner. When the sandwich falls, they can switch partners or try again from where they left off.

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