Pool Noodle World Records: Can You Beat Them?

Pool Noodle World Records: Can You Beat Them?

Pool Noodle World Records: Can You Beat Them?

Pool noodles are some of the most multi-functional toys on the planet. You can use foam noodles to race against others in the pool, transform them into obstacle courses on land, and make a variety of other exciting competitions.

Some people have used pool noodles to establish all sorts of inventive achievements and establish their own competitions. Use these talented minds as inspiration and get a group of friends to compare different pool noodle world records and see if you can beat them.

Records With Pool Noodles

In Jackson County, Missouri, 1,555 individuals assembled in a triangular section of Lake Lotawana to float on top of pool noodles. The display of thousands of brightly colored foam noodles made it look like a rainbow was treading water.

Back in 2021, a sea of people named Josh came together in a viral moment to determine who had the "right" to that name. All the Joshes battled each other with pool noodles for over 10 minutes and raised money for the Children's Hospital & Medical Center Foundation in Omaha.

There are plenty of opportunities to make your own records. You don't need thousands of people to come together, either. Just grab your friends or family, get creative, and have fun!

Race Each Other With Boats

You can build foam boats and race them against friends and family to see who can get the best time. You need pool noodles, craft foam sheets, straws, colorful tape, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a giant plastic bucket. First, cut the pool noodles into 6" parts and then cut those parts in half.

Make a hole at the center of the pool noodles with a pencil and insert the pencil. Next, trim the foam sheets into triangular shapes and cover them with your colorful tape. Then you'll hot glue the foam to the pencil.

Finally, fill a huge plastic container halfway with water and lay the boats inside. Line them up on one side and try to blow them to the other end using a straw. The person who gets to the opposite side first wins.

Last Noodle Standing

This game is straightforward, and you can play it with people of all ages. All you need is some pool noodles and a good amount of space. Give everyone one noodle, and then see how long you can make them stand up without touching them for more than a second. Whoever can keep their pool noodle upright the longest wins.

You can also turn this activity into a team sport. Begin the game by having participants hold a pool noodle straight up and stand in a circle just a few feet apart. Then everyone releases their noodles and goes clockwise to the next one. See how long you can continue doing this and try to top your records.

We hope you have fun setting pool noodle world records and seeing if you can beat them. Honor Trading Company can provide you with all the swimming foam tubes you need to achieve your personal best performances. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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