Pool Noodles for the Handyman in Your Life

Pool Noodles for the Handyman in Your Life

Pool Noodles for the Handyman in Your Life

We all probably know someone who enjoys working on things around the house. Believe it or not, there are many great uses for foam noodles that may make home projects even more manageable. Look below to explore some different ideas on using pool noodles for the handyman in your life.

Stop Pesky Kitchen Drawer Organizers From Sliding

Those kitchen drawer organizers that separate forks, knives, spoons, and other utensils tend to slide around when you open and close the drawer. This may bother the handyman in your life. You can prevent this irritating occurrence from happening with a pool noodle and a utility knife.

Start by cutting the noodle to size. Do this by measuring the space between the back of the drawer organizer and the rear of the drawer. The pool noodle will securely fasten in place, preventing the drawer organizer from moving. You can also cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise to make it fit into a smaller space.

Protect Legs From Scraping on Ladders

The metal rungs of ladders can do a number on a handyman’s shins, thighs, and knees when they spend lots of time on ladders. This can cause bruising and leave them hurting for days after working on chores like cleaning the gutters or mending fixtures. You can solve this issue with some clamp-on foam noodles and a utility knife.

Simply cut out small sections of the clamp-on noodles. You can then wrap each piece around the rungs of the ladder for an instant cushion relief. Note that no one should stand on the pool noodle itself. Tell your handyman to place it one rung higher than the one they plan to stand on, as the noodle piece can cause them to slip or lose their balance.

Keep Paintbrushes Together

Some painting projects require multiple brushes to do the job. Your handyman may find their brushes become scattered about the room, leaving a mess in their wake. They can keep them in one place with a simple trick, though

Cut out a small section of noodles about the width of the paint tray they use. Use a utility knife to put slots in the pool noodle and place it on the paint tray to store the various brushes they’ll need.

These tips for using pool noodles for the handyman in your life can be a real game-changer when they’re working on home projects. Honor Trading Company has a large selection of foam noodles perfect for just about any task you can think of. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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