Staying Safe: Summer Tips for Athletes

Staying Safe: Summer Tips for Athletes

Staying Safe: Summer Tips for Athletes

The amount of power and effort today’s athletes can achieve is phenomenal. That’s why it’s more important than ever to do everything possible to protect them from injury, especially during the summer months when the heat can lead to further complications. Continue reading to learn about staying safe with these summer tips for athletes.

Apply Sunscreen

Athletes can be under direct sunlight for hours at a time, with harmful UV rays barreling down on their bodies. Make sure they apply sunscreen 15 minutes before physical activity and then reapply it every two hours. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

Slowly Adjust to the Heat

You can’t push athletes at max intensity right from the get-go in hot weather. Otherwise, you put them at risk of dehydration. Ensure they slowly adapt their bodies to the heat by gradually increasing the intensity, length of exercises, and equipment used over the first two weeks they train. This will encourage them to drink more fluids, increase their blood volume, and sweat more. In turn, they’ll cool down more effectively.

Take Frequent Breaks

Schedule practices at the coolest hours of the day, either early in the morning or later in the evening. Make sure everyone takes long, frequent breaks, especially on much hotter days. Have water available and motivate everyone to drink it around the clock. Every athlete should feel comfortable letting a coach know something’s off as well.

Protected Equipment

Athletes will often go at full speed, putting their bodies on the line. If they’re running into unprotected equipment, this can be punishing to their bodies. You need a material capable of withstanding the kind of force these athletes can produce. So, add padding on equipment like safety mats and gym machines. Using construction foam products, you can help absorb impacts and cover any potentially harmful pieces that stick out.

With these summer tips for athletes to stay safe, you can help ensure everyone can push their limits without harm. Honor Trading Company offers construction foam products that are perfect for protecting athletic equipment and fulfilling many other beneficial uses. Order now and get free and fast shipping on your bulk order.

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