Teach Your Kids To Paint With Pool Noodles

Teach Your Kids To Paint With Pool Noodles

Teach Your Kids To Paint With Pool Noodles

For many of us, there is nothing more satisfying than guiding our children in their development. In those early years, they have a learning curve to tackle. We must teach them the basics of life, from walking to developing their motor skills—these are abilities they will need and use for the rest of their lives.

Such a task can certainly be challenging, but it is not impossible, and you can make it fun for them. You can help your kids grow by teaching them to paint with pool noodles.

You Will Need

For this activity, you will need a couple of supplies. We will list the basics first and offer suggestions if you want more. Here are the basics of what you will need:

  • Pool Noodles
  • Serrated Knife
  • Washable Paint
  • Large Construction Paper

Do you need pool noodles? At Honor Trading Company, we have white pool noodles and much more ready for you. Your children can derive so much enrichment when they use pool noodles for their crafts.

Before You Start

Before teaching your kids to paint with pool noodles, you must prepare your materials. Start by using your serrated knife to cut your pool noodles into about 5-inch pieces or a bit longer. You want to give yourself extra length so that you can cut designs and wedges into the ends of the noodle.

Moreover, consider sticking various things into the end of the pool noodles, like pipe cleaners, to create different designs. This is an easy way to let your kids experiment with different depths, variations, and textures as they paint.

Get Started

With your supplies gathered and your materials set, you can pour the paint and let the kids start. They will dunk the pool noodles into the paint and press them onto their paper. Don’t forget to show them that they can use the pool noodle in any which way to paint-they can stamp or roll their noodle. This activity is a great way to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine muscles, and precise movements.

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