The Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Swimming Class

The Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Swimming Class

The Benefits of Using Pool Noodles in Swimming Class

There is nothing better than jumping into cool water on a sweltering summer day or getting a few laps in at the local pool before heading to work. For some people, especially younger children, learning how to swim can seem daunting at first, though. Some individuals may be looking to change their exercise routine or spice up a swimming class while they are in the water. The perfect solution for both these desires is using a pool noodle. If you want to know more about the benefits of using pool noodles in swimming class, keep reading.

Excellent Floatation Device

A single pool noodle has exceptional buoyancy and allows a person to float both vertically and horizontally in the water. Whether you’re young or old, one poodle noodle is usually all it takes to keep you afloat in an upright position without any movement. Once you’re ready to swim, the noodle makes it easy to learn how to propel yourself in the water with your arms and legs. Unlike other types of floatation devices, a noodle helps your child independently become a better swimmer as well.

Highly Durable

If you run a swimming class that uses pool noodles, you’ll want to know that your investment will last through the wear and tear that comes with daily use. Luckily, swim noodles made of polyethylene foam are more than up to the task. Each noodle will last you an exceptionally long time, even after consistent usage. The noodles are also highly flexible and will bend without breaking, which gives you plenty of options for exercises in class.

Different Colors and Sizes

If you have a little one you want to teach how to swim, a pool noodle can be an effective toy for them. Each noodle can come in many colors that children will love and feel excited to use. It can also encourage them to find fun activities involving the noodles that help them stay active in the water. Furthermore, noodles come in a variety of sizes. This makes them perfect for situations where your child is looking to change things up or has a routine that will benefit from a larger noodle.

Taking a swimming class can teach you skills that will last a lifetime. By using a pool noodle in your class, you can enhance or speed up your learning. At, we have various pool noodle products, such as jumbo swim noodles, to meet your needs. We sell pool noodles individually or in bulk. Buy from us today and get fast, free shipping. Most orders ship the same day that you make a purchase.

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