The Best Pool Games To Play This Summer

The Best Pool Games To Play This Summer

The Best Pool Games To Play This Summer

Are you looking to beat the heat this summer? If you have access to the pool, grab some friends and hop in! There's plenty of fun to be had while cooling off in the water at the same time. We're here to help with some of the best pool games to play this summer.

Tug O’ War

Every person who experienced a field day in middle school is familiar with tug o’ war. Two opposing teams face each other, pulling a rope from each side to draw the other team over a line in the center. It's a simple game, and it's even easier to try in the water. Take a pool noodle, grab an equal number of people for each team, pick a spot the other team must cross over to win, and then go! This pool version of the game has the bonus of not causing any painful rope burns.


You don't need a net to play this popular sport in the pool. Take two pool noodles and loop each one around so that they make two individual circles. Place the noodle rings at each end of the pool. Find a ball you feel comfortable tossing around within the water and divide everyone into two teams. Your goal is to try and get the ball into the opposing team's ring to score points. Pick a point total each team needs to win. Make sure that once someone gets the ball, they can't move again until they pass it. This rule will keep the game moving quickly.


Tag is a straightforward game to play for kids of all ages. Designate one person as "it" and give them a pool noodle. They can then try and tag another person in the pool. Once they tag someone else, that newly tagged person will get the pool noodle and become "it." The game can keep going with people tagging and others becoming "it" for as long as you want.

Off to the Races

This game will test your swimming speed. Line up pool noodles at both ends of the pool to create a starting and finishing line. Give each swimmer a pool noodle to hold on to with both hands so that they can kick their legs once the race starts. Everyone should then line up with one of their hands on the starting line and the other holding their noodle. Have someone outside the pool announce when to begin. Once they give the signal, everyone must furiously kick their legs to be the first to get to the other side. You can add rules, such as disqualifications for those who let go of their noodles. You could alternatively make people go back to the start when that happens.

When looking for the best pool games to play this summer, the most important goal is to have fun. Honor Trading Company is here to help you cool down and have an enjoyable time this summer with noodles in assorted colors, such as our yellow pool noodles. We want to ensure everyone can have a wonderful time. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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