The Wet History of the Swimming Pool Noodle

The Wet History of the Swimming Pool Noodle

The Wet History of the Swimming Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are lightweight, cylinder foam toys. They assist with swimming, floating, and aquatic exercises. But these toys weren’t always around. Look at the wet history of the swimming pool noodle for a fascinating story.

The Interesting Origin Story

Rick Koster and Steve Hartman claim they invented the pool noodle in Canada around the 1980s. Both men said they independently discovered the floating devices for the pool and have interesting stories to back them up.

Koster’s tale begins with inspiration from his kids. They were competitive swimmers, and he wanted to experiment with training equipment for swimmers and floating toys. He devised different ideas for floating noodles but named them “Water Woggles.” Originally, they were white with bright spots.

For Hartman, the creation of the pool noodle began with his company, Industrial Thermo Polymers (ITP). They made backer rods (foam tubing) for expansion joints in construction applications. He claims that someone threw the backer rod in the family pool, and his other family members soon used them for pool days too.

Koster has documents and prototypes to keep records of the invention, but Hartman didn’t keep records from that time. However, he insists that he sold foam noodles before Koster. Both men collaborated in 1990 when Koster asked Hartman to mass produce Water Woggles. Their partnership lasted several months before a disagreement made them part ways.

It’s important to note that neither man patented the invention, and several other entrepreneurs sold pool noodles under various names like “FunNodles.”

Overall, the history of the swimming pool noodle has different interpretations.

Why Are Pool Noodles Popular?

Pool noodles are popular water toys and are useful for aquatic exercise. They add buoyancy and water resistance to pool activities, making the lightweight device easy to use. The cylinder products are available with hollow or solid cores and have different diameters. Additionally, pool noodles are versatile in and out of the pool. You can use them for door stops, trunk guards, decorations, and much more!

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