Tips and Tricks for Using Your Pool Noodles for Clothing

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Pool Noodles for Clothing

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Pool Noodles for Clothing

You can use the same foam noodles you play with in the pool in many ways around the house. Some nifty hacks can help make organizing your wardrobe much more manageable. Continue reading to discover tips and tricks for using your pool noodles for clothing.

Keep Those Stubborn Wire Hanger Creases Away

You’ve probably got seemingly hundreds of wire hangars taking up space in your closet, but unfortunately, they’re not ideal for hanging up more expensive and delicate clothing options. Their thin, fragile structures can cause unattractive wrinkles in your clothes. They’re also prone to rust. Furthermore, poorly constructed models could have sharp edges that shred fabrics.

You can avoid these issues and make full use of every hanger in your closet with pool noodles. Simply cut out a length of foam noodle to the same measurements as the bottom of the hanger, then cut a slit lengthwise. Fasten the section to the hanger, and you no longer need to worry about creases or poked holes.

No More Droopy Boots

Mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee boots tend to wilt over to one side when you store them upright. When they flop, it can cause creases at the point that they fall over and the material may wear out quickly. You might discover that your once new boots now have unattractive marks on them.

Split a pool noodle into two sections that fit just beyond the top of the boot to keep them from sloping to one side. When you put the noodle inside, it’ll stay in place and preserve the boots.

Hold Your Headbands in One Place

Anyone who wears a headband understands the agony of not finding the one they want. They often get scattered across the entire home. Now, you can keep them all in one place.

Cut out three sections of noodles about six inches long and wrap them in your favorite decorating paper using hot glue. Then, take a long piece of ribbon and pull it through each noodle, connecting them all. Find a spot to hang them up and place all your headbands on them, so you never have to scramble to find one again.

These tips and tricks for using your pool noodles for clothing can help you organize your garments. Honor Trading Company offers black pool noodles that you can use to match chic and modern rooms when you’re handling outfits or keeping accessories in one spot. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our products.

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