Tips for Making a Foam Door Sweep To Prevent Drafts

Tips for Making a Foam Door Sweep To Prevent Drafts

Tips for Making a Foam Door Sweep To Prevent Drafts

We have all felt it before—a sudden and constant draft that creeps in at our warmest moments to steal all the heat away. It can feel incredibly frustrating when you want to keep your home warm and comfortable, but your doors stop that from happening. A chilly draft can also contribute to high and unfair energy bills you want to avoid. As such, you’ll likely want to know about the best tips for making a foam door sweep to prevent drafts.

Remove Old Weatherstripping

Before you begin your DIY weatherproofing project, you want to prepare your door first. You likely have some weatherstripping already applied to your door, which has probably worn away. That worn weatherstripping isn’t doing much in terms of weatherproofing your home. As such, you’ll want to remove any old weatherstripping from your door, as this will help prepare it for your new project.

The Tools You’ll Need

If you haven’t done a DIY home project before, you might feel apprehensive about ensuring you have the correct tools. Thankfully, that is why we have provided you with these tips for making a foam door sweep to help prevent drafts. You will need foam noodles, a pencil, a tape measure, scissors, and heavy-duty industrial tape.

The tape is to adhere your foam to your door without leaving visible damage, but you can also use a hammer and nails. The tape measure and scissors will help you measure your door so that you can cut your foam noodle to the correct size. Finally, it's important that you have the correct foam noodles, which is where we can help you.

Utilize Clamp Foam Noodles

For this project, you’ll want to get clamp-on foam noodles. These types of noodles have a slight opening that allows you to adhere your noodle to your door sweep easily. At Honor Trading Company, we have the best and highest quality clamp foams for padding your door to weatherproof your home. When you use our noodles, you will immediately notice how much more comfortable you feel in your home.

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