Tips for Making Home Decorations With Pool Noodles

Tips for Making Home Decorations With Pool Noodles

Tips for Making Home Decorations With Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are extremely versatile and great for crafters. If you’re interested in foam noodle décor, we’re here to help. Look at these tips for making home decorations with pool noodles, and apply the advice to your projects.

Use Paint or Contact Paper To Hide Foam Color

Pool noodles come in a variety of colors, like red, black, green, blue, white, and yellow. Although the vibrant shades are attractive, they’re not suitable for all applications. Instead of settling for stock shades, hide the colors with paint! Add at least two layers of paint to cover the noodles, and ensure the original color doesn’t stick out.

You can glue contact paper to the foam for specific looks. For example, adding wood grain contact paper to pool noodles creates a rustic appearance.

Cut and Manipulate Pool Noodles

The best features of pool noodles are their flexibility and light weight, making them perfect for crafts. You don’t have to keep noodles in their original shape to get the most out of them. We encourage you to cut and manipulate the foam for projects. For example, you can create fake candle holders with foam noodles by cutting them apart to mimic real multi-sized candle holders. It’s all about accommodating your project needs!

Add Decals to Foam Noodles

Add decals to enhance the foam then making home decorations with pool noodles. People create décor to follow a theme. For instance, you can create seasonal wreaths by shaping foam noodles into a circle and securing the ends together. The only way to display a theme is with decals like flowers, trimmings, or holiday accessories.

The goal is to turn pool noodles into unrecognizable objects. With all the decals and special features, you’ll transform the foam noodle into a beautiful craft. Here are some decal examples:

  • Pins
  • Flags
  • Stickers
  • Ornaments
  • Multicolor wrapping
  • Foam flowers
  • Battery-powered string lights

Fun Projects To Try

Now that you understand our three expert tips for home décor, it’s time to select your projects! If you need inspiration, you can make card holders, centerpieces, faux logs, and Fourth of July or Labor Day wreaths. As you work with pool noodles, you’ll unlock your creative side. Take pictures of your awesome home décor and complete as many projects as you want!

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