Tips for Storing Your Pool Noodles Effectively

Tips for Storing Your Pool Noodles Effectively

Pool noodles are must-haves for fun times in the water. They provide hours of fun in the sun, pliable buoyancy for swimmers, and an endless stream of potential craft ideas. However, you should create a manageable method of storage to keep your noodles in the best condition. Here are four tips for storing your pool noodles.

Vertical Storage

Laying pool noodles horizontally in storage areas can take up an entire wall or corner. It’s just not the most space-efficient method. To free up floor space and maintain an organized area, consider storing your noodles vertically. A PVC pipe, a large umbrella stand, or even a tall bucket with a hole drilled in the bottom can serve as a handy storage solution. This not only saves space but also allows for easy vertical drying, preventing any musty odors or mold from taking hold of your noodles.

Utilize Mesh Bags

When storing an aquatic item, it’s essential to prioritize drainage. Mesh bags encourage airflow, ensuring your foam pool noodles dry quickly and won’t retain stagnant water. Damp foam noodles left in the dark could become the perfect spot for mildew and other unpleasantries to incubate. You could simply hang up or lay out a mesh bag to keep your noodles in optimal condition.

Shield From the Elements

Like most things left outside, foam noodles do not appreciate prolonged exposure to UV rays. The sun can dry them out, making them brittle and shortening their lifespan. Direct sunlight can also cause the colors to fade, leaving you with a once-vibrant palette of noodles that’s now washed out. Store your pool noodles in a shaded area or in a container that keeps out natural light. Additionally, avoid leaving them out during extreme weather. Even though they float on water, you don’t want to see them float through the air during a storm!

Regular Maintenance

Pool noodles might seem invincible, but they can be surprisingly vulnerable to small tears and punctures. Regularly inspect each noodle for signs of damage. If you spot pits, holes, or split edges, it’s time to either repair or replace the noodle. A compromised pool noodle loses its buoyancy and releases particles into the water if the damage worsens. By noticing these issues early, you can prevent further deterioration and keep your noodles safe for use.

Adopting these tips for storing your pool noodles will keep them in top shape and provide you with a well-organized system that saves space and time. Efficient storage makes for a more enjoyable experience when it’s time to jump into the pool or create a DIY craft with your noodles!

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