Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Backyard Party

Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Backyard Party

Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Backyard Party

Summer is fast approaching, and that's big news for fans of outdoor partying. It's just about time to grab some pool toys, slather on some sunscreen, and get the BBQs ready. When you're ready to invite over friends and relatives, here are some tips for throwing the ultimate backyard party.

Keep People Comfortable

There's virtually nothing better than fresh air, sunshine, and being around friends and family. If you are outside in the summer, however, there can be some hazards you might want to avoid. If your party takes place during the day, you should consider setting up a sunscreen station so guests can protect themselves from the sun's rays beating down on them throughout the day. If the party is going into the night, have some bug spray handy to ward off unwanted insects.

Set Out a Spread

You're going to want to keep your guests fueled up throughout the day. Find a table or other piece of furniture to lay out some snacks, plates, and silverware. Finger foods that people can quickly grab and go, such as chips and dip or veggie platters, are perfect for keeping people satiated. If you're barbecuing or having more expensive food presented later, these snacks will also keep those hunger pangs in check.

Get the Tunes

You don't have to have a full-on dance party, but having some music playing in the background goes a long way to set up some easy-going vibes. You can fill up the playlist with summer classics that everyone enjoys or go a little more niche with your selection if you know your guests well. Try to set the volume at a comfortable level where people can still easily hold conversations.

Have a Seat

Suppose you've got thirty people in your backyard and nowhere to sit. In that case, people will quickly become uncomfortable and agitated—lay out plenty of chairs, blankets, or anything else that can act as seating in a pinching. Guests will eventually want to congregate at these spots to eat, drink, and chat.

Take a Dip

If you have one in your backyard, a pool can be the perfect centerpiece for any party. Let your guests know ahead of time to bring their swimwear and a fresh towel so you can cool off and have some fun. Layout many toys, such as pool noodles or water-friendly balls, and set up some games to get everyone active and have a great time.

Hopefully, by following some of these tips for throwing the ultimate backyard party, you can ensure your guests leave the party with a ton of great memories. Set yourself up for even greater success with some pool toys for your guests to enjoy.

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