Ways To Use Old Foam Noodles as Packaging Material

Ways To Use Old Foam Noodles as Packaging Material

Ways To Use Old Foam Noodles as Packaging Material

Whether you have moved many times or this is your first move, one thing remains true: Moving is incredibly stressful. In fact, a survey asked 1,000 people what their most stressful life event was. Surprisingly, 64 percent of respondents stated that moving was the most stressful life event, surpassing the grief from a breakup or divorce.

As such, it makes sense you are feeling the pressure over your upcoming move. Thankfully, using old foam noodles as packaging material can make moving easier.

Extra Cushion

When moving, you will likely utilize bubble wrap to protect various items. However, you can also use foam noodles if you have an item you want to give some extra cushion to ensure it is safe during the trip. Start by cutting your foam noodle vertically in half. Depending on the item, you can cut each slice in different sizes. Then, use packing tape to adhere these slices to the top or bottom of your item, providing extra protection for the move.

Pool noodles have so many uses, and you might want to use them even if you don't have any old ones lying around. You might even need to replace the old ones you used for moving. No matter the case, we can supply you with every pool noodle-related need you have. At Honor Trading Company, we sell bulk pool noodles so that you can get the most noodles at the best price.

Packing Pool Nuts

Instead of buying packing peanuts, you can use pool noodles to create your own packing materials. All you have to do is grab a few foam noodles, slice them in half vertically, and then dice them into smaller pieces. Now, you can toss those pool nuts into a box with fragile items to keep things from jostling in transit. The best part is that foam noodles are larger and sturdier than regular packing peanuts, so you won't have to worry about the volume and mess that comes with the traditional ones.

Bumper Protection

One of the best ways to use old foam noodles as packaging materials is to make them into bumpers. You can put bumpers along the borders of small or large fragile items like mirrors, flat decorative ceramics, and frames. Bumpers will protect your items and keep them from scratching walls during the moving process.

To create a bumper, cut a pool noodle horizontally, and then vertically, to adhere it to your item. Keep in mind that you should not slice the noodle all the way through, just halfway. You may need to cut a wider vertical slice if your item has thicker borders, like a frame.

The length of the horizontal cut depends on the length of your item. For example, if you have a small tile ceramic, your bumper only needs to be a couple of inches long. However, if you are packaging a tall mirror, you might need to make one long vertical slice on your pool noodle.

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