Wearable Accessories You Can Make Out of Pool Noodles

Wearable Accessories You Can Make Out of Pool Noodles

As the DIY trend continues to captivate creative hearts, more crafters are pushing the boundaries of what can be deemed wearable. Forget silver and gold—today’s jewelry makers are finding inspiration in the most unexpected items, like pool noodles. Known for their buoyancy and bright colors, pool noodles can be transformed into statement accessories that not only look good but are surprisingly practical for everyday wear. Check out these wearable accessories you can make out of pool noodles that will help you stand out in style.

The Unconventional Rise of Pool Noodle Wearables

Crafting isn’t just about creating art; it’s about personal expression and developing a story with every item made. As interest in unique, one-of-a-kind accessories continues to rise, more people are turning to crafts to express their personal styles. Pool noodle accessories are a testament to this growing movement, offering a playful yet chic alternative to store-bought jewelry.

Beautiful Bracelets

Bracelets are beautiful wearable accessories you can make out of pool noodles. Not only are they easy to make, but they also add a pop of color to any ensemble. Start by slicing the noodles into thin, round cylinders, then apply your choice of craft tape or paint for a personalized touch.

Add a splash of glam with beads, sequins, or other trinkets. The result is a stack of waterproof, child-friendly bracelets perfect for the poolside or a picnic in the park.

Head-Turning Headbands

For a stylish yet practical statement piece, the pool noodle headband is a crowd-pleaser. With efficiency and comfort in mind, carefully cut the noodles to the desired width and join the ends with an appropriate adhesive. From there, choose your fabric—from a snazzy pattern to a plush velvet—and secure it around the noodle.

If you want to add a bit more pizzazz, adorn your headband with fake flowers, feathers, or a simple bow to suit any occasion. Since pool noodles are made of foam, your hair accessory will be comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.

Nifty Necklaces

The pool noodle necklace is a favorite thanks to its versatility. Cutting the noodles into larger sections allows for different necklace styles, from chunky chokers to longer strands with layered colors. To add a professional finish, use a metal loop and clasp, and pick a thread or chain that complements your design.

For a personalized look, experiment with fabric scraps, ribbons, or multicolored noodle pieces. Your rainbow necklace will surely become a conversation starter every time you wear it.

Elegant Earrings

Pool noodle earrings are surprisingly lightweight and easy on the ears. By slicing the noodles into thin discs and punching a hole in each center, these make for the perfect base to string through wire loops or hooks.

Finish the discs with a splash of paint, glitter, or embroidery thread for an intricate woven look. These eco-chic earrings are not only a fashion statement but a great way to start a conversation on sustainability in style.

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