Why All Plant Parents Need Pool Noodles in Their Life

Why All Plant Parents Need Pool Noodles in Their Life

Why All Plant Parents Need Pool Noodles in Their Life

Do you have a green thumb? If you love tending to your garden and nurturing your flowers and plants, you can help them grow with pool noodles! Using pool noodles for certain gardening tasks can even save you money. Learn why all plant parents need pool noodles in their lives.

Save Money on Potting Soil

If you have large planters, you know they require several bags of potting soil to fill them. By padding the bottom of your planters with one or more foam noodles, you can save money on soil! The foam is incredibly malleable and easy to manipulate in small spaces.

Once you know what planter you’ll use, coil the pool noodle in a way that doesn’t block the drainage hole. Once you create the perfect shape, push the noodle to the bottom of the planter. If you’re using a skinny noodle, you may need to stack two on top of each other to fill the space. Make sure there’s enough room in the middle of the pot for your plant! Then, fill the container with soil, leaving room for the roots and dirt ball. Place the plant in the center, pack more soil to completely cover the roots and the foam, and you’re good to go! Pool noodles are great for filling large planters without spending an arm and a leg on soil.

Prevent Cuts From Sharp Wires

Another reason why all plant parents need pool noodles in their lives is for protection from the sharp edges of a plant cage or chicken wire enclosure. Pool noodles make great bumpers. If you’re working in your garden, you don’t want to be scraped by wires. Adding foam tubing does the trick!

To create a bumper, use a sharp knife to make a lengthwise cut halfway down the noodle. Then, place the opening of the noodle on top of your plant cage or anywhere else with sharp wiring. The foam will allow you to freely roam your garden without worrying about scratching yourself on the wires. Plus, the colorful pool noodles add whimsy to your garden!

Provide Additional Support

You can use pool noodles to support your plants. If you’re accustomed to using wooden stakes for propping up your plants, try using a pool noodle instead! With a sharp knife, make a lengthwise cut halfway into the noodle. Then, fit the noodle around the base of the plant. With the support of the foam, your plant will continue to grow upright.

As your plant grows taller, you can add another section of a pool noodle for support. To create an eye-catching garden, consider using several pool noodle colors. Every time you look outside, you’ll smile at your colorful garden and rest easy knowing your plants are growing tall.

Honor Trading Company offers pool noodles in a wide variety of colors, including yellow pool noodles, to help you create a vibrant garden. Check out our selection to find the perfect way to take your space to the next level!

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