Why Using Pool Noodles With Crutches Is a Must

Why Using Pool Noodles With Crutches Is a Must

Why Using Pool Noodles With Crutches Is a Must

At first glance, you may wonder how foam noodles and crutches go hand in hand. We’re here to explain it all! Understand why using pool noodles with crutches is a must, and learn how to adjust your crutches.

The Common Crutches Complaint

Temporarily using crutches alters your daily life. Moving around is more challenging, and it may take you longer to complete tasks. Besides those factors, the lack of comfort is a big complaint for people using crutches. You place a lot of weight on your hands and armpits to support your body on crutches. That said, chafed armpits and achy hands are uncomfortable occurrences. Fortunately, finding relief is easier than you think!

How Pool Noodles Help

Combat hard material with soft padding! Using pool noodles with crutches is a must because they act as cushioning devices. The foam noodles wrap around the top and middle parts of the crutches. It cushions your armpits and hands while you use the walking aid.

In the past, people used old rags and blankets as cushions for crutches. However, pool noodles are the better choice because they’re lightweight with excellent buoyancy. Overall, the foam noodles are comfortable and supportive, not to mention the wide color selection you can choose from!

Properly Adjusting Your Crutches

Properly adjust your crutches with pool noodles with a few easy steps. First, cut the pool noodle down to the length of the handlebars and armpit rest. Cut the sides of the noodle to make an opening so you can keep it on the crutch.

Secure the foam noodles with duct tape on the opening. Ensure the padding doesn’t move or roll because it can increase your chances of falling. Ideally, you want safe and secure cushions.

If needed, you can replace foam noodles when they wear down. Remember to adjust them properly for the best results.

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