Why You Should Use a Pool Noodle With Your Blackout Curtains

Why You Should Use a Pool Noodle With Your Blackout Curtains

Why You Should Use a Pool Noodle With Your Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains block sunlight coming through windows, but illumination can still shine through any gaps. Fortunately, we have a simple remedy with an inexpensive tool. Discover why you should use a pool noodle with your blackout curtains!

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are double-lined drapes that cover windows. They block out sunlight and artificial illumination from vehicles, streetlights, nearby buildings, and neighboring homes. The fabric provides an extra layer of protection over blinds, which have gaps that allow light to leak through. 

People use blackout curtains to sleep in total darkness. They are ideal in urban areas or places with intense light pollution. Night shift workers can greatly benefit from blackout curtains because they create a nighttime ambiance while resting during the day.

How Pool Noodles Can Help

As mentioned, light can peek through gaps in blackout curtains and impact your quality of sleep. Luckily, pool noodles can help you fix this problem! You should use a pool noodle with your blackout curtains to line the edges of your windows. Slice a black swimming pool noodle lengthwise and place it at the top of the curtain rod. Secure the noodle with tape to ensure it blocks out light. The simple yet effective tip can dramatically improve the function of your blackout curtains.

Are There Other Window Hacks?

Pool noodles are great for other curtain hacks outside of blocking light. They can fluff out curtains and make them more aesthetically pleasing. Cut a pool noodle into two-inch pieces, and create a slit on one side of each piece. Wrap the pool noodles around the curtain rod; the foam will push your drapes forward, help the fabric maintain its shape, and create a neat appearance.

Lastly, pool noodles are perfect bumpers for low window sills. If you have small children, line your windows with foam noodles to prevent them from bumping their heads on the sill.

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