Why Your Garage Could Benefit From Pool Noodles

Why Your Garage Could Benefit From Pool Noodles

Why Your Garage Could Benefit From Pool Noodles

Splashing around in the water with foam noodles is a lot of fun, but these toys provide so many other helpful benefits inside and outside your home. Continue reading to learn why your garage could benefit from pool noodles.

Car Door Protection

If you’ve had a bad day at work, return home, and hit the wall of your garage as you kick open your car door, you know how frustrating it is to ding the side of your vehicle. Fortunately, pool noodles can prevent this issue!

A well-placed foam noodle can protect your car door from damage. Use nails, mounting tape, or glue to fasten the noodle to the wall along the spot where your car door meets the wall. Use the right tools and fasteners for this project—you don't want to send a nail through studs or wires!

Hanging Organization

Another innovative way to use pool noodles in your garage is to construct a hanging organizer. Your garage can quickly become a catch-all for lawn equipment, gardening tools, seasonal decorations, and everything else you can’t fit inside your home.

The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to tidy up your garage. Slice a pool noodle in half lengthwise, add vertical slices approximately six inches apart to hold the handle in place, and affix it to your garage wall to store long items with handles, such as fishing poles, brooms, and mops. This noodle hack will prevent your possessions from haphazardly sitting in a pile on the floor or getting lost in your garage.

Trunk Door Shield

Even a parked car can accumulate dents and scratches in the tight quarters of a garage. If you don’t give much thought to the space above your head when opening your trunk, the door can bump the roof of your garage.

Pool noodles can prevent vehicle damage by acting as a barrier between your trunk door and the ceiling or lifted garage door. As with the car door bumper, mark the area where your trunk tends to hit the ceiling or garage door to determine where you’ll install the foam noodle.

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