Yard Decoration Ideas Using Jumbo Pool Noodles

Yard Decoration Ideas Using Jumbo Pool Noodles

Yard Decoration Ideas Using Jumbo Pool Noodles

There’s nothing more exciting than adorning our homes and surroundings with decorations that match the seasons. But the only thing is that those decorations can come at a cost, and if you enjoy celebrating each season, no matter how small, you know how quickly the costs can hike up.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your home bare and without adorable decorations to adorn it. You can celebrate each season and holiday without breaking the bank. All you need is a little creativity and, of course, some pool noodles. Find out some awesome yard decoration ideas that use jumbo pool noodles.

The Multiple Uses of Pool Noodles

When the average person thinks of pool noodles, they tend to imagine their uses entirely inside a pool. However, if you’re reading this, then you know there is so much more to pool noodles than meets the eye. Everyone should know all about the multiple uses of pool noodles that extend far beyond the pool.

The reason pool noodles are so useful is they are malleable, but they still maintain their structure. That means you can carve into the cells of the foam with ease and without worrying about its ability to stand strong. Moreover, you can bend foam noodles to create a variety of shapes that, with a little adhesive, will stay in place. As such, pool noodles make it easy for you to work with them, which is why there are so many things you can do.

Decorating With Pool Noodles

Now that we have established the multiple uses of pool noodles, it makes sense that you’re jumping to start a decorating project. Before you can begin decorating with pool noodles, it’s important to know that there are some basic supplies you will need regardless of the project you work on.

What You’ll Need

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to get your hands on is some jumbo pool noodles. You might be wondering why a standard size won’t work. It’s not that a standard size won’t do the trick, but that larger pool noodles are much easier to work with when you’re creating decorations.

When you’re decorating your yard, you need your decorations to be large to make them visible from further away. Moreover, larger crafting projects usually require larger materials, so you end up using less in the end when you choose jumbo pool noodles.

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Additional Supplies

Once you have obtained the most important supply of your craft, your jumbo pool noodles, you’ll still require some additional supplies. These are tools you’ll likely need regardless of the craft you choose to do. As such, it would make your crafting projects easier if you obtained these materials:

  • Box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue gun

Pool Noodle Wreath

One of the best yard decoration ideas you can make with jumbo pool noodles is a wreath. The reason this is the best craft is that wreaths are as versatile as pool noodles themselves. You can have a wreath for any season or occasion you could think of.

To make the base of your wreath, you’ll need to shape your jumbo pool noodle into a circle and adhere the two ends together with hardy duct tape. If you want your wreath to have more depth, you might consider adhering one or two more circular noodles to your first one.

Decorating Your Wreath

Now that you have your base secured, it’s time to decorate your wreath. You can wrap it with twine or fabric of your choosing and super glue artificial flowers on it. You can even add an adorable ribbon at the top. However, it’s important to know that these aren’t the only options. The sky is the limit, so you can get as creative as you please.

Pool Noodle Garland

There’s nothing more beautiful and eye-catching than sparkling lights against the backdrop of a night sky in your backyard. You can add to that stunning display by creating a pool noodle garland that will look beautiful against your outdoor lights. To make your garland, it’s a good idea to have two colors that mesh well with each other and the color scheme of your backyard.

With your two colors ready, you’ll want to begin by placing your noodles on a horizontal surface. Then, use a box cutter to slice even discs that are about two inches thick. You will also need twine to make your garland. Once you have your twine, begin by placing your discs onto the string, using opposite colors with each disc. When you reach your desired length, tie a knot at both ends, and then your garland is ready to hang.

Pool Noodle Mushroom

With spring comes the arrival of mushrooms suddenly springing out of our yards. While many of us may rid our yard of these unexpectant visitors, we can still appreciate their adorable appearance by making a pool noodle mushroom. To make your pool noodle mushroom, you will need these supplies:

  • White pool noodles (you can also use white water- or latex-based spray paint)
  • Red cooking bowls
  • White paint

Making Your Mushroom

Begin by cutting your white pool noodle about 10 inches long; this will become your mushroom’s base. If you don’t have a white pool noodle, you can also spray paint your noodle white with either water or latex spray paint.

Then, you’ll want to take your red cooking bowls or mushroom caps, which should be about medium size, and adhere them to one end of your pool noodle. You can likely find red cooking bowls at your local dollar store for a low price. It’s best to use a hot glue gun to adhere your bowls to your pool noodle. Once everything is dry, you can take your white paint and paint circles on the bowls. Now, you have adorable mushrooms that you can place all over your yard.

Yard Decoration Ideas Using Jumbo Pool Noodles
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