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Oodles of Noodles

Foam Water Blaster

Foam Water Blaster

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Are you looking for a clever way to add a bit of excitement and competition to your pool sessions? A foam water gun is the ideal solution! Our fantastic 4-pack of foam water blasters are perfect for the pool. Bring these foam water guns to a party, and everyone will have a fun time spraying each other with the powerful yet safe stream.

The foam water blaster is a huge 2"x21" size perfect for youngsters or stealthy adults. Since our water blaster cannons are made from foam, they won't sink or become a hard weapon kids could use to accidentally hurt each other. You can rest easy knowing our foam water blasters are durable and safe. To kick off an epic water fight, simply submerge the pool noodle squirt gun in water and zero in on your target. Then, pump the trigger and watch an impressive stream of water shoot through the air. With a foam water blaster, the fun is truly endless!

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