Recycling Polyethylene Foam

One of the questions we get asked a lot is whether polyethylene foam is recyclable or not. In addition to our polyethylene foam noodles, we have several construction foam products, like backer rods of different lengths and diameters, that are made of polyethylene foam.

Many people use polyethylene foam for its helpful properties in packaging. When you need a material that can absorb shocks and hold up to aggressive wear and tear, polyethylene foam is one of the best choices. That said, desirable properties aren’t the only consideration nowadays. Companies and individuals are more conscious than ever of the environmental impact that comes from buying certain products.

Today, single-use plastics are one of the biggest problems our planet faces, with plastic products of all types overflowing from landfills and floating in our oceans.

We’re very happy to report that recycling polyethylene foam is absolutely possible! First, polyethylene foam is reusable. That is to say, your first step may not need to be recycling. Instead, because polyethylene foam is so durable, check to see whether it has sustained significant damage in the shipping process. If not, you can repackage it and use it again.

When your polyethylene foam takes enough of a beating, it’s time to think about PE foam recycling. The process is simple: since polyethylene foam is a thermoplastic, it easily melts down, so it can be molded again. Recycling polyethylene is one of the easiest recycling processes, which adds to the material’s overall viability.

Do you happen to have more questions about recycling polyethylene foam noodles or any of our other foam products? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at FoamNoodles! We’re more than happy to address any comments or concerns you may have. Contact us at (952) 855-4544 for more information.