6 Ways That Seniors Can Use Pool Noodles Around the House

6 Ways That Seniors Can Use Pool Noodles Around the House

6 Ways That Seniors Can Use Pool Noodles Around the House

Pool noodles are becoming more common inside houses, not just in the pool shed. From kids’ crafts to do-it-yourself projects, they have something for everyone. Pool noodles can also be great for seniors to make daily activities around the house easier. Here are six ways seniors can use pool noodles around the house.

Stay Active: Seated Pool Noodle Exercises

Pool noodles are great for water exercises but they can also greatly aid at-home workouts. There are many exercise videos for seniors who use pool noodles as their main props. These are seated exercises, so you’ll need a straight-backed chair. Cut a pool noodle in half—a kitchen knife works best for this. One half of the pool noodle will be your prop for these exercises.

There are many more detailed exercise videos out there. Some even allow you to follow along with the exercises in the video. However, to get you started, here are a few simple pool noodle exercises.

The Exercises

Sit upright in the chair and hold the pool noodle with your hands near the center of the noodle. Place it in your lap. Lift to shoulder height with straightened arms, then back down. This is one rep. Repeat eight times.

For the next set, repeat this same up-and-down motion, but add a sideways motion. After lifting the noodle to your chest, swivel it to the left. Return to the center and lower the noodle back to your lap. Repeat this exercise eight times, then repeat on the right side.

Here’s another exercise you can do. Hold the pool noodle with your hands at either end. Move it as far as you can to the left side—your left arm should be straight, and your right arm bent. At the same time, lift your left leg and move it to the side. Return both the noodle and your leg to the center. Repeat this motion on the right side. Repeat eight times.

Simplify Getting Grandkids Into and Out of the Car

Getting your young grandkids in and out of car seats can be tough, but it’s even harder when you’re parked in a tight spot. Not being able to open the door wide enough without worrying about hitting the car next to you can make the experience much more stressful.

Here’s an easy tip to help. Cut a length of pool noodle—about 6 inches is sufficient—with a sharp kitchen knife. Take your small piece of noodle and cut halfway through, lengthways. You should cut through one side of the foam but not the other, stopping at the hollow center.

Take your new noodle cushion and stash it in your car. Next time you’re in a tight space, simply slide the pool noodle onto the edge of your car door. This acts as a cushion between your door and the other car.

Keep Slacks Looking Crisp and Creaseless

Tired of hanging up your perfectly pressed slacks just to find them left with a hanger crease? Here’s a hack to fix that. Cut a pool noodle exactly as you did in the tip above.

Place the pool noodle piece onto your hanger and slide your slacks over the top. The rounded edge of the noodle will prevent any unwanted creases, keeping your slacks as fresh as the day you pressed them.

Make Cleaning Easier With a Bucket Filler

Pool noodles can make cleaning the house easier, too. If your kitchen sink lacks an extendable faucet, you know how difficult it can be to lift a full bucket of water down from the sink. This tip is especially handy for making up a bucket of mop water. All you’ll need is a bucket, a regular-size pool noodle, and your cleaning solution.

Add your cleaning solution to the bucket as normal. Then, place the bucket on the floor near the sink. Take your pool noodle and place the faucet head into the opening. Make sure it’s secure. Place the other end of the noodle into the bucket.

Then turn the sink on and watch your bucket fill! You’ll minimize both bending down and lifting the heavy bucket, making mopping the floors much easier on your joints.

Keep Your Loved One Safe With a Bed Bolster

Placing a pool noodle under a sheet creates a bed bolster. If you have a loved one who you’re worried about falling out of bed at night, this is the hack for you. Bed bolsters are a great option for anyone in danger of rolling out of bed. They’re also useful for anyone with a fall risk who may attempt to get up by themselves in the middle of the night. Bed rails are expensive and inaccessible for some. But with two pool noodles and a roll of duct tape, you can make a bed bolster for less than 10 dollars.

What You’ll Need

First, you’ll need two pool noodles and a roll of duct tape. You should also grab a friend, as this project is easier with two people.

How To Make It

Place the pool noodles vertically on the bed. They should be a few inches wider than the width of the person. Lie down between them if you need to check the width.

Run a length of tape between the two pool noodles. Start with one at the top of your pool noodles. Your tape should wrap securely around the first noodle, then the second noodle, then double back to wrap around the first noodle again. Stick the two sides of the tape together so there is no stickiness left exposed.

Repeat this process at the bottom end and in the middle of the noodles. You can stop here, but we recommend placing five strips of tape in total. Once you’ve completed your bed bolster, place it on the mattress and remake the bed over it. The bolster should be underneath the fitted sheet.

The bed bolster will prevent your loved one from rolling out of bed but is still soft enough to make helping them in and out of bed a breeze.

Soften Any Rough Edges

Another way pool noodles can help seniors around the house is by making edges safer. As an added benefit, this tip works just as well for babyproofing a home for young grandchildren as it does for loved ones with delicate skin. If you have a loved one with varicose veins, you know how even a slight bump can cause a serious bruise.

Use foam noodles for padding to soften any harsh edges. Cut noodles to size and use them as buffers for furniture corners and countertop edges. Honor Trading Company creates high-quality, affordable pool noodles for every purpose. Choose clamp-on noodles for minimal effort or use regular noodles and cut them to suit your needs.

These six ways seniors can use pool noodles around the house vastly improve their everyday lives. From simple hacks to safety tips, pool noodles can do it all. Did you know you can also use pool noodles to upgrade your garden? The possibilities are endless. Browse our blogs to learn more about how pool noodles can help in your house and yard.

6 Ways That Seniors Can Use Pool Noodles Around the House

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