Beyond the Pool: Homeowner Hacks With Pool Noodles

Beyond the Pool: Homeowner Hacks With Pool Noodles

Beyond the Pool: Homeowner Hacks With Pool Noodles

Everyone knows what a pool noodle is and how to use one: they are the perfect accessory to any summer swim. Something you may not know, however, is the various other uses for pool noodles. Discover these cool tips, useful far beyond the pool: homeowner hacks with pool noodles.

Insulating Pipes

With clamp noodles, you can easily use the pool toys to insulate your pipes. These noodles wrap effortlessly around pipes and act as additional insulation. Most will fit seamlessly into the center of the pool noodle, and if there is a gap, you can use duct tape to close it.

Even with a perfect fit, adding duct tape can help prevent the noodle from sliding off.

Protecting Furniture and People

Whether you are moving and need to protect your furniture, or you’re making things a little safer for your family, pool noodles can help out.

How the furniture will fare in the transportation process can be a significant concern when moving. Putting pool noodles on the edges of your furniture can create a buffer between them and the moving truck or even the walls of your new place.

Pool noodles can also help soften hard edges around your home. For example, if you have pipes hanging out of the wall or off the ceiling in your basement, applying a clamp pool noodle can lower the risk of injury. Pool noodles are ideal for babyproofing, too.

Sealing Door Gaps

You can also use pool noodles to seal the gaps underneath doors: this helps you preserve your home’s energy, keeping your house cool during summer and hot in the winter. Closing the space underneath the doors in your home can also add a bit of soundproofing and draft blocking. Any entry space with a gap should have a pool noodle attached to it.

There are so many uses for pool noodles beyond the pool. These homeowner hacks with pool noodles will give your pool toys a new purpose. When you need clamp-on foam noodles, contact us at Foam Noodles for more information.

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