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FILL-RITE Backer Rod Closed Cell (2" x 35") 24 Feet - Grey - 8 Pack

FILL-RITE Backer Rod Closed Cell (2" x 35") 24 Feet - Grey - 8 Pack

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Complete tasks with the right set of backer rods. For commercial purposes, use the grey 8-pack FILL-RITE backer rod closed cell, available in 2" x 35". Parking decks, pool decks, log home chinking, and expansion joints are popular applications. Furthermore, use the 8-pack 2-inch backer rods to fill gaps and joints before applying sealant. It’s worth having an 8-pack of rods to complete large projects, especially construction tasks. With its undeniable quality, you’ll get the most out of our grey 8-pack FILL-RITE backer rod closed cell (2" x 35").

Pack of 8 backer rods totaling 24 feet

2" x 35"

Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam
Meets SATM C1330 Type C
Made without CFC’s or HCFC’s

Backer Rod is a closed-cell, resilient, polyethylene backer rod used as a backup material for construction joints and applications that require sealants. It performs as a depth control for most known cold applied sealants. Sealants will not adhere to it; no bond breaker is required.

Backer Rod is a round, black, resilient, extruded closed cell polyethylene backer rod with a water-resistant outer skin. It is compatible with most known cold applied sealants such as urethane, silicone, acrylic, butyl, polysulfides, latex, and chinking sealants.


  • Expansion joints
  • Highway joints
  • Glazing
  • Log home chinking
  • Parking decks
  • Pool decks


Closed-Cell Foam Backer Rod should be installed with a roller or blunt, flat-sided tool. Please follow sealant manufacturer specifications for recommended sealant width and depth ratio. For best results, do not puncture, fold or overly stretch the product. The product is made with a water-resistant outer skin, therefore where moisture resistance is important, care should be taken not to puncture this outer surface skin.

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