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SnakeWrap® Foam Protection Multi-Purpose Cushioning - 11 Colors

SnakeWrap® Foam Protection Multi-Purpose Cushioning - 11 Colors

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SnakeWrap® Foam Protection

SnakeWrap® foam protection is easy to use! Just wrap it around any shape or size and it will firmly attach itself with snake-like constriction. No tape or glue!

Use for dock posts, shelving, scaffolding, garage, ATV's, bikes, motorcycles, roll bars, farms, cabins, boats, indoors & outdoors the uses are endless.

Each SnakeWrap® foam protective wrap is 22 inches long with a wall thickness of 5/8 of an inch. It can be wrapped around any shaped object. The center hole is 1 inch wide. If you were to wrap a 1-inch bar it would cover 22 inches in distance. The bigger the object wrapped, the shorter the distance it will cover. Multiple SnakeWraps can be used end-to-end to cover any distance necessary. Trim it to the size you need with a common kitchen knife!

Contains four 22-inch SnakeWraps®
Wall thickness 5/8
Easy wrap installation
No glue or tape required
Can be cut with common kitchen knife

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