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Red, White and Blue Pool Noodles

Red, White and Blue Pool Noodles

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Red, White, and Blue Pool Noodles

Dive into a world of endless aquatic adventures and fun crafts with our red, white, and blue pool noodles. Everyone's favorite flexible fun-in-the-sun toy. Oodles of Noodles are made from a proprietary foam compound that's more dense than others for improved buoyancy and stiffness. This unique formulation ensures that they support various water activities with ease but also retain their shape and functionality, making every splash more enjoyable.

Official Oodles of Noodles Brand Designed for the beach, swimming pool, light sabers, toys. Dozens of other uses for craft projects - even insulation.

Imagine turning the colored pool noodles into floating beverage holders or utilizing them as protective bumper guards for boats. The possibilities are endless!

Approx. 48" Long x 2.5" Wide 1" Hole

Made in North America with no harmful chemicals.

Not a lifesaving device.

Certified ASTM F963-17 Ages 5+


Red, white, and blue pool noodles offer more than just a splash of color. They’re versatile, durable, and free from harmful chemicals. Order your foam noodles today.

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