Elevate Your Spa Night With Pool Noodles

Elevate Your Spa Night With Pool Noodles

Elevate Your Spa Night With Pool Noodles

Do you want to surprise your significant other or plan the most relaxing evening of your life? Use candles, bath salts, and lotions to create a restful spa night in the comfort of your own home. But another unlikely household item can help you create a spa night—pool noodles. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere with the right music, a refreshing drink, and pool noodles. Continue reading to discover how to elevate your spa night with pool noodles.

Floating Tray in the Hot Tub

A pool noodle creates an effective floating tray in your jacuzzi. Muscle relaxation, pain alleviation, and increased sleep are some of the health advantages of soaking in a hot tub. It’s the ideal way to conclude the night and provide the ultimate spa experience. You won't even need to leave the tub to enjoy all your beverages and food with a handy DIY pool noodle project. A plastic cutting board, or simply a standard tray, waterproof tape, and a normal pool noodle are all you'll need.

You can connect each component to all four edges of the drink tray after cutting the pool noodle into four pieces. Then, if you don't have any waterproof tape on hand, simply cut a slit running the length of the pool noodle and slip it over the tray's edges. You can now create a completely sturdy and adaptable floating drink tray.

Keep Your Jacuzzi at the Perfect Temperature

Your well-insulated jacuzzi and jacuzzi covering can cause the water to overheat during the summer. When you're trying to relax and enjoy your spa night, the last thing you want is to feel like you're boiling.

You can combat this by slicing two one-foot pieces of pool noodle and laying them between the cover and the shell on one or both sides of the covering. This will slightly prop the lid open, enabling the tub to vent and keep the water cool.

Light Up Scenery

Do you want to create a stunning lit landscape in your hot tub, bath, or pool? Pool noodles help add lights to your outdoor spa space. Get some scissors, plastic wrap, small plastic hair ties, LED tea lights, and pool noodles together. You can protect the battery of the LED lights from water by wrapping plastic wrap on the bottom of them and holding them with ties.

You'll then need to cut multiple sections of the pool noodle for the light to fit inside, trimming any irregular edges with scissors. Once you've got the light into the pool noodle's core, snip away any leftover plastic wrap, and you're done. You now have a lovely set of floating tea lights to set the tone for your spa night.

When you elevate your spa night with pool noodles, you can transform your home into your own personal health club. Add the perfect materials for any of these DIY projects with white pool noodles from Honor Trading Company. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products. Would you like to learn more fun and clever pool noodle applications? Browse our blogs to find out how pool noodles can make gardening easier and trampolines safer.

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