Make Your Trampoline Safer With Colorful Pool Noodles
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Make Your Trampoline Safer With Colorful Pool Noodles

Make Your Trampoline Safer With Colorful Pool Noodles

So your kids finally convinced you to purchase a trampoline, and they’re certainly making great use of it. However, worrying about their safety is normal, even if you have a net installed. Thankfully, there are some fun ways to make your trampoline safer with colorful pool noodles. The fun part is, you can also create a color scheme or rainbow on the trampoline. Moreover, your kids might find some excitement in helping you choose the colors. Learn how pool noodles can make your trampoline safer.

Cover the Poles

Trampoline nets prevent kids from falling off the trampoline and hitting the ground. However, the poles that hold the net up can be quite hard and sturdy, and they may hurt your kids if your kids accidentally jump into them. That’s why putting pool noodles on the poles holding up the net is helpful, as they provide an extra layer of cushioning.

The cushioning in pool noodles can also be useful for baby-proofing your home.

Cover the Springs

Using pool noodles to cover trampoline springs is also effective. The springs that the trampoline attaches to make it bouncy and fun! But those springs are chock full of coils that constantly stretch and close, which can easily pinch and injure someone. Although not very common, coils can even detach and spring out at high speeds toward jumpers. So consider installing pool noodles on these springs to protect jumpers from injury. this is how to make your trampoline safer with colorful pool noodles.

The Frame

The frame of your trampoline is the circular structure that hosts the coils, and it’s another excellent area to ensure more safety with a pop of color. A trampoline itself is bouncy, but the frame that supports it is rigid, with many hard ends that your kids can easily knock against. So consider making your trampoline safer by adding colorful pool noodles to the frame as well.

How many pool noodles do you need for a trampoline? Measuring the springs, frame, and poles can give you an exact number. But generally, around 10 foam noodles can cover any hazards. Also, choosing an array of colorful noodles for your trampoline can make it look more fun, which anyone can appreciate.

If you’re interested in making a rainbow trampoline but don’t know where to find clamp-on pool noodles, FoamNoodles can help you find a colorful assortment in various sizes to fit your needs and make your trampoline as safe as possible. Contact us today or explore our blogs to learn more fun and clever tips for using pool noodles.