The Best Ways To Cut Pool Noodles Smoothly and Safely

The Best Ways To Cut Pool Noodles Smoothly and Safely

The Best Ways To Cut Pool Noodles Smoothly and Safely

When you look at and feel a pool noodle, you notice its foamy texture and sturdy design. You might even think that foam pool noodles are easy to cut, and they are, even if the foam noodle is hollow or solid. But what’s the best way to cut a pool noodle? This is an area that you shouldn't approach haphazardly and we explain which household tools are the most effective. Here are the best ways to cut pool noodles smoothly and safely.


Although foam noodles are malleable, their foam structure is quite solid, which can make cutting them harder than expected. This is especially true if you work with jumbo, construction, or solid core noodles. There are several different tools available to cut your pool noodles, but keep in mind that the finish will vary. You may choose to use a serrated knife, miter box, or electric knife. You must always wear the proper safety gear when working with any knife, especially when cutting your foam pool noodles.

Serrated Knife

If you have a knife set in your kitchen, you can easily find a serrated blade; the best one to use is a bread knife. A foam noodle's size and structure are very similar to a baguette, making the bread knife an excellent choice for this task. Since you’ll find one in most kitchens, using it can be the best way to cut foam noodles for you. 

Miter Box

A miter box is a fantastic tool for cutting your foam pool noodles. If you are unfamiliar, a miter box is a gadget that holds and guides your saw for you to make cuts, usually at a 45-degree angle. If your main concern when cutting a pool noodle is safely achieving a smooth cut, a miter box is the tool for you. Moreover, the miter box will help keep your pool noodle in place as they tend to be slippery.

Electric Knife

If you have arthritic or achy joints, you don’t need to let that stop your crafting or construction. Opt to use an electric knife; it does all the hard work. With some digging through your kitchen drawers, you may find an electric knife, but they can be inexpensive if you don't have one. Make sure you fully charge your electric knife before using it; a full charge should last you about 20 minutes.

Now that you know the best ways to cut pool noodles, you can get right on to your project! Are you looking for white foam noodles? Honor Trading Company has all that and more to help you in any DIY, construction, or craft project. To learn more about crafting with pool noodles and more, explore our blogs or contact us directly with any questions.

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