Collection: Protection Foam

Foam Protection

SnakeWrap™ foam protection wrap is easy to use, just wrap it around any shape or size and it will firmly attach itself with snake like constriction providing foam protection. No tape or glue needed. Use for dock posts, roll bars, shelving, scaffolding, garage, ATVs, bikes, motorcycles, farm, cabin, boats, and so much more—they offer endless uses with foam protection.

Our SnakeWrap™ foam protection wrap makes it easy to handle any protection repairs or cushioning; you can cut the foam with a simple kitchen knife to fit it to whatever you need to wrap it around. The multi-purpose wrap is just what you need in your tool kit or drawer. Handle any repairs or protection on the fly without waiting when you purchase Foam Noodles’ SnakeWrap™ foam protection wrap. Shop our foam wrap here.